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The Retailer™ point of sale software

First developed over 30 years ago to meet the needs of the hard goods retailer.  Through its many revisions The Retailer software has been an easy to use non intimidating point of sale solution used by hard goods retailers from Liquor Stores to Garden Center to Museum Gift Shops to Yogurt Shops throughout North American.

Our Mission is to enable you to make more profit from your store.


The Retailer™ has the tools to make that happen at a cost that makes good business sense.  Let us show you how easy it is to make your business more profitable.



Located in Catonsville, Maryland, we are less than 20 minutes from Baltimore Washington International Airport. Making travel to your retail store fast and easy.  With additional representation in Washington State, Montana, Utah, Illinois and South Carolina.

We offer both onsite and remote demonstrations for our featured product package. Requesting a demo is quick and easy, go to the services page and fill out the section labeled "Demonstration Request" with your information. Then someone will call you and help you get a demo set up. If an onsite or remote demo is not an option, we have a DVD with a PowerPoint presentation that gives plenty of information.  Simply call or email for a copy.

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