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System Utilities

The Retailer is designed to "flex" to different hard goods business types and well as thought processes.


System Utilities gives the ability to "customize" The Retailer in many ways to match the way you're doing business.


For Example:


  • Need to prompt the cashier that they are exiting the cashiering mode?  Click the option.

  • Would like to require Clerk logon's?  Click the option.

  • Set to check for ID's.

  • Add Manufacture names

  • Add Departments

  • Add Tax Levels

  • Add Fees (Bag Tax)

  • Add to the Adjustment / Return reasons

  • Add a Receipt Header or Footer.

  • Change the customer pole display information.

  • Create a Discount Matrix

  • And many other functions

Powerful Permission Settings by Employee not just position

Further refine what permissions a

Cashier has

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