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Cashier (Sales)

Functions / Reports/Management tasks

From reports on sales to X-Out and Z-Out to Past Transactions this is the area to report and monitor your sales and cashiers.

Cashier Reports

Since The Retailer is Date and Time oriented you can run these reports for any date and time span.


Need to run an "X report" for sales for a 3 day Holiday weekend?  No problem.  Need that same information from last year?  Again no problem, just run the report for those dates.


Pre-loaded reports include:


  • Daily Register Summary

  • Daily Sales Summary

  • Daily Transaction Journal

  • Hourly Sales

  • Refunds by Clerk ID

  • Sales for Date Range by Department

  • Sales Totals Per day

  • Tax Dollars

  • X-Out

  • Z-Out

  • And many others

X-Out / Z-Out

Although The Retailer is date and time oriented and therefore sales reports can be done at any time eliminating the need for a "posting" X or Z report the history of retail has most customer "pre disposed" to think in terms of an X and Z report.


So The Retailer wants to make it easy and comfortable.  So if you want to run a X report you can here.  If you run a Z report it does print the daily sales amounts but also puts a flag in the database telling it that the Z has been run so that if you run a X after that it will start at zero.


Manager override allows you to see sales from other timeframes.


You can also see completed a clerk report to see sales from a particular clerk.

Transaction Journal

Allows you to view past transactions.


These transactions can also be printed, printed as a receipt or deleted (with manager permissions).

Register Control

This area allows you to activate any of the 100+ cashier functions.


It also has unique features that allows for Selling Groups to displays groupings of products for your cashier and well as Function Groups.


All of the cashier functions can be assigned to the keyboard, screen or "hidden" for manager use.

Click here for a full cashier function list download.

Gift Card

A management section that allows you to adjust values on a card within the on-board Gift Card program.

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