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POS Solutions LLC has various services to help our customers.


From service calls to updates to upgrades and sales of point of sale hardware, supplies or software.  Click on the links below.

Service Request

Need Help?


Call us at 888-575-4420



Supply Orders

We carry a variety of various supplies you may require to run your business. Call 800-518-2559 x109 or go to the SHOP to order.


Among the items that we stock are:


-1X1 Permanent Labels

-1X2 Permanent Labels

-1X1 Removable Labels

-1X2 Removable Labels

-1x2 Outdoor Vinyl Labels

-1X1 Outdoor Vinyl Labels

-1X2 Hard Paper Shelf Tags

-2 inch Blaster Ribbon

-Thermal Receipt Paper

-Red Shelf Tag Cover

-Green Shelf Tag Cover

-Yellow Shelf Tag Cover

-Clear Shelf Tag Cover


See the SHOP for our full selection.



Version Number:

Are you on the latest version of your software?




The Retailer™ 2K7 the last version was 2.36




The Retailer™ CQ the last version was 1.55




The Retailer™ BV the last version was 1.55




The newest version releasing May 2016 is The Retailer™ GL version 1.00


Hardware Upgrades

It would be nice if your point of sale hardware could last forever same with your car.  But in both cases they are mechanical devices that wear out.


And effective replacement plan on your part keeps a vital part of your business operational.


No one wants that busy day when the register fails, help prevent that scenario by taking care of your point of sale hardware and replacingpieces before they fail.


We can replace your old hardware that may be running slow or is starting to show its age. Give us a call and we will send you a quote on how much it would cost with the specified hardware you are asking for.

Dial 800-518-2559 x104 for this service.

Need a demonstration of The Retailer software?

  • Download a PowerPoint Show of        The Retailer. HERE.

  • Request a remote demonstration. Please complete the following form.  Click HERE.

  • Depending on location and availability we can schedule an in person demo. Call us at 800-518-2559 option #3

  • See us at the MANTS Show in January and the IGC East Show in August.



The Retailer is an easy to use, Cashier friendly system.


The key however to maxmizing profits is to train yourself, your staff and maybe even your customers in the many features built into The Retailer to help you improve sales, profit and margin.


POS Solutions LLC and The Retailer has several programs to help you.  From availible on-site training to more flexible and less expensive remote training to using the help menu built into The Retailer.


Or even better "click" on something, explore and learn the system.  The Retailer has a System Training mode that duplicates your database and allowes you to try different areas without effecting your "real" data or sales.

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