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Customer Management

  • Create your own preferred customer program that gives automatic discounts or special pricing

  • Allows the use of scan or swipe cards or key tags to advertise your business and improve customer loyalty.

  • Code customer for allowable payable type (i.e. cash or credit card only, check, house charge or delinquent (which would stop the sale).

  • Separate out customers by designing "Mail Type" categories such as "Retail", "Contractor", "Employee".

  • Code customer as nontaxable which will automatically change the sale in Express Invoicing to nontaxable.

  • Specify the tax code for each customer.  The Retailer allows for over 100 separate codes.

  • Set up internal charge accounts for store use products.

  • Allow a customer to "house account" charge and send a statement to them.

  • 6 line notepad (delivery instructions)

  • Capture customer purchases for later customer service.  For instance "How much mulch did I .buy last year?"

  • Allows your cashiers to address your customers by name.

  • And many other Customer Program features like buy one get X, Get rewards for purchases, charity donations etc

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