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Purchasing & Receiving

Build a Recommended Purchase Order

  • Filter by Vendor, Department

  • Build from units sold since last time ordered.  Or....

  • Build from unit sold during specific date(s).  Or....

  • Build from a Minimum / Maximum on hand quantity that you can set or let The Retailer build from history.  Or ....

  • Show all the items that you stock from a specific vendor and manually add in an order quantity value.

Add / Edit a Worksheet and turn it into a PO

  • Change suggested order quantity

  • Delete a suggested item

  • Add a new item

  • Change cost or retail (permission controlled).

  • See past 13 months of sales for an item.

  • Use Vendor comparison to see/change an item to an alternate vendor.  (Great when primary Vendor is out of stock).

  • See Total cost and retail of Worksheet before it is turned into a PO.  Use Open to Buy feature to budget.

  • Click to turn the Worksheet into a Purchase Order.

Receive a

Purchase Order

The Retailer uses a system called "receive by exception" which means when an order is received you change the values that are different (ie items not shipped).  Then with one click you receive the PO.  Items not received will be automatically back ordered unless cancelled.


This means the receiving a Purchasing Order is quick and easy.



The Retailer comes with a series of reports to help you manage purchasing & receiving. 

They include:

Open Order


Receiving Worksheet

Monthly Order Summary

Monthly Receipt Summary

And a custom report generator to let you design and save your own reports


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